Friday, 4 March 2016

[Solved] MX Player network link not opening

In this blog post I will show you how to fix "MX player network link not opening" issue.

There are few possible reason that may leads to the player unable to play the stream-able online content.

1. Codec

The probable cause would be a supported codec is missing. Either the codec is corrupted or the required codec is missing. 

Try updating the player and install necessary codec from store. If you have already installed the one and it is still not 

playing, then uninstall the installed codec and try to install with the latest one that is available in the store.

Note: Always look for the codec for your device that it supports. Some codecs are written for particular processor 

architecture such as:
-> neon
-> x86
-> ARM chipset
and more.

2. Proxy

The primary reason when the codec is working and still not able to access streaming URL is the incorrect proxy settings.
Get the latest proxy configuration from your ISP. If you are connected to the enterprise network, you may need to install 

CA certificate for securely access HTTPS contents.

3. Reliable internet

MX player looks for an active and reliable network connection. It is not configured to change the video quality as done by 

your youtube app. The streaming media requires minimum of 1Mbps reliable connection to properly load and play seamlessly.

4. Clear Cache

Clear Cache memory of the MX player before you play. This may happen because you may use too many URLs to play back to back 

and the cache memory may get leaked and they could not be cleared by the system itself. Based on your phone OS, you have 

different options to clear the cache.

5. Reset defaults

Try resetting your MX player defaults. This may clear up any mis-configured settings that may end up crashes while playing 

media online.

6. Restart phone

If you are streaming content from your home media server, then check your network bandwidth consumption. Check for any 

background processes that consumes more bandwidth and configure them to utilize the network at minimal level.

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