Saturday, 11 April 2015

Mini YouTube player Android

Want to view YouTube video in small mini screen? Here is the blog post which will let you know how to do in android phone/tablet.

When you try to view YouTube in Chrome browser, it will auto redirect control to YouTube app, wherein you will spend more data to view the video !!

So, here comes "Vidmate" app. Click here to get this app.

This app supports both streaming full screen or mini screen (to save data) and also supports video download.

Features of this app:

1. It supports more than 20 video sites. Choose your site and search video directly without much time.

2. Direct play support. You may wish to play the video before actually want to download. It will ensure you to check the quality of the video before going to download.

3. Unlimited download support. Unless some pro version apps, this support unlimited video download. There is no limitaions.

4. Live TV support. Get your favorite TV on hand. Select the link speed and it is done. Your favorite T shows on your mobile/tablet.

5. Get real-time video feeds. Get the feed of most downloaded and trending on net contents right in your notification panel.

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