Saturday, 31 January 2015

MX player embed video playback on android browser

This blog post shows the possibility of embedding of MX Player on web page to be opened by default android browser.

Windows based Windows Media Player has a capability to embed video playback feature on Internet explorer such as a browser plugin that enables in-browser playback with application level control.

But there is no such feature available in MX Player as of Feb-2015. Hence it is not possible to stream online videos straight from browser.

[Alternate way]

There is an alternate way of playing online videos straight from android browser to your favourite media playback applications like MX Player.

Just click on the video link (which says "Stream/play/watch online"). Your smartphone or tablet leaves the option to choose which application is opened to play the video.

When applications like MX Player is installed on your smartphone, it registers itself to the list of applications which is capable of streaming online video playback.

To set MX Player as default streaming application, click on "Always" when choosing MX Player for the first time.

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