[solved] How to play youtube video in MX Player

Want to stream/play YouTube videos on MX Player? Here is quick how-to post dedicated for both YouTube and MX Player Lovers.

Before we dive into:
  1. Streaming YouTube video other than its official app is quite difficult.
  2. Every time you want to play video through MX Player, you have to online convert the video.

That said, don't estimate that it takes a long time to online convert. There are many cool sites which offers online youtube conversion. This is done because, MX Player doesn't directly supports YouTube playback.

Step 1:
 Simple! Just Copy the video url. Say something like http: / /www.you tube.com/watch?v=gZFGasd4T

Step 2:
  Go to www.clipconverter.cc and paste the copied URL into URL input box. Choose output video format. I recommend you to choose mobile MP4 format. Click on 'Start - Convert' button. Wait for few seconds and when the download is ready, copy the video URL.

Step 3:

Click on screenshot to enlarge..

Open MX Player and select 'Network Stream' from menu. Paste the copied video URL and tap on OK button.

Do you know, you can directly stream youtube videos from Opera mini browser to MX Player. Click Here to know how-to.

Enjoy.. :)